Las Flores Yoga Programs

Las Flores Resort's Yoga Program is designed to:

Help surfing guests increase flexibility, balance, and strength and better manage post-surf aches and soreness. Enable partners or spouses who don't surf to share in the Las Flores experience through a yoga vacation program. Provide non-surfing guests a holistic approach to relaxation through yoga in the beautiful, serene surroundings of Las Flores Resort.

Yoga practice is a natural complement to surfing. Yoga can help develop the mental and physical adroitness needed for safe, enduring surfing and can specifically help balance, flexibility, strength, and relaxation.


Yoga postures can help surfers develop the core muscles and mental focus needed to stand steady during pop-ups, riding, and carving.


Yoga practice helps develop flexibility, resulting in increased range of motion in the shoulders for improved paddling efficiency, and in the hip joints and spine for swift pop-ups onto the feet and tucking into barrels.


Yoga postures are held for long periods of time to develop arm, shoulder, core, and leg muscles, increasing endurance to help surfers get more waves while conserving energy and effort.


A very important component of yoga is the meditative aspect and focus on relaxation that promotes recovery of the body and the breath. Yoga practice emphasizes steadying the breath, releasing built-up tension in the body, and quieting the mind - all necessary disciplines for the best surfing experience possible.

Yoga Packages Available at Las Flores Resort:

PREBOOKING required at least several weeks in advance. Yoga is not available on a drop-in basis.

Yoga Weekend package
Available: Saturday and Sunday only

Includes 2 consecutive days/4 classes (90min. each)
Schedule: 1 morning class and 1 afternoon class per day. Times flexible.
Program cost: $450.00 (1-4pp)
Additional persons: $100.00 each

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