Yoga & Surf Retreat with Akasha Ellis @ Las Flores Resort
Dates: March 11-16, 2017

Kundalini Yoga -  Ashtanga Yoga – Hanna Somatics

Akasha will lead a 6 day yoga retreat at Las Flores Resort which is directed towards surfers, featuring (1) 90min-2hour class daily. The focus of the classes will be improving strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and breathing, while reducing any muscle stress or chronic pain in the process.

Retreat is open to Las Flores Resort Guests Only. Limited Space is Available. for registration and details.

Akasha Ellis Bio:

At an early age Akasha was encouraged by his teacher to share his heart and love with others.  He became a student of the renowned master teacher of Kundalini yoga, Yogi Bhajan, at the age of 11. In his early twenties, he studied Ayurveda with Vasant Lad, and while living and working in India, Akasha was introduced to Ashtanga yoga with Pattabhi Joi’s nephew, Vishwanath.  More recently he began learning Hanna Somatics with Eleanor Criswell and has begun integrating these wonderful teachings in his classes and privates.   Akasha currently offers classes, workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings. He is the owner of  Birmingham Yoga studio.  He believes we are always a student and a teacher and that “a teacher must teach what they know” and in turn this will ground the practice for both the student and the teacher one cannot be without the other.  His classes reflect his personal approach and include the traditions of Kundalini, classical Ashtanga and Hanna Somatics for a heart-centered class that leaves the student centered and balanced from the inside out.   “In the light of all that is may we find beauty, harmony and love at-all-times.”

Trilogy : 3 complementary styles of yoga for balance, centeredness and oneness. Each day Akasha will lead one of these 3 wonderful Yogic practices.

Kundalini Yoga draws on our creative life force through breath, movement, meditation and chanting that will energize and illuminate our spirit and heart.

Ashtanga practice will heat and cleanse our physical bodies.  Leaving us focused and present with our breath and thoughts. Come energize and tone your body and settle your mind through Ashtanga from the inside out with Is a great class for beginners and more experienced students who wish to warm their bodies, lengthen and strengthen their muscles while working on traditional poses found in.  Will begin with Sun Salutations then move into standing postures and end with some basic seated postures.  Modifications will be given.  

Hanna Somatics through gentle exercises will offer us a way to integrate relax, re-educate and nourish our mind and Body.  Hanna Somatic Yoga offers an effective method of reeducating the body and mind through gentle exercises reducing stress, anxiety and relieving chronic pain. Suitable for all levels. Soma: means " the body experienced from within". Benefits: Provides a better sense of body awareness, calm and well-being. Physically Increases flexibility, circulation, and range of motion and offers a simple and safe method to unlock tight and painful muscles while reeducating and helping restore healthy and supportive movements through body and mind.

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