Las Flores Surfing

Managed by surfers for surfers, Las Flores Surf Club's pride is its signature break "Las Flores" -- a world-class, 300-meter-long, right-going freight train that forms outside the point and peels across the cove up onto the sand just meters from the front of the hotel. The epic location of the Las Flores Resort directly in front of the wave is without rival. In combination with the beachfront hotel's modern facilities and amenities, panga fleet for surfing and fishing the area, in-house surf school and the personalized service of our surf guides and staff, the result is practically unprecedented in surf travel.



Las Flores Surf Club

Playa Las Flores is a dramatic, natural cove, hemmed in by severe topography and dense tropical flora, a playful black sand beach bordering a cauldron of whitewater and waves detonating in the background, a throwback in time to a prehistoric vision of Central America where the tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean meet the charcoal sands of ancient volcanic outflows. Cast within this primordial setting, Las Flores Surf Club is an environmentally conscious hotel designed to have a minimal impact on the landscape and ecosystem. Designed by Salvadorian architect Rodrigo Barraza Dominguez, the resort is a juxtaposition of the jungle and the sea— a reconciliation between our primeval yearnings and modern addictions following sustainable development guidelines.

The hotel features 15 ocean view guest rooms and suites with modern architecture and progressive design. The variety of accommodation can meet the needs of a diverse range of guests including singles, couples, families and groups with configurations ranging from 1 to 4 beds each. Current guest capacity is approximately 38 adult guests with the ability to handle exclusive resort bookings as large as 45pp. However, in the interests of sustainability surfer numbers are regulated with the number of surf passes sold each week limited to 20 or less.

Las Flores Surf Club lies on a stunning 7-acre beachfront property directly in front of the famous surf break and palm tree-lined postcard beach known as Las Flores. Playa Las Flores is on the outskirts of El Cuco, a small fishing village and sleepy touristic and residential beach zone for Eastern El Salvador's inhabitants as well as intrepid active lifestyle travelers from around the globe.

Las Flores is located approximately 150km SE (2 hours drive) of the international airport and is accessible by modern paved roads which are some of the best in Central America, allowing direct transit here at highway speeds. Getting here is easy. El Salvador's Comalapa Airport (SAL) is the hub for Avianca with nonstop flights from all major US cities, Central America, South America and Europe. Additional airlines that service SAL include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Copa Airlines, Iberian Airlines, Aeromexico, and more.

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